Park Board Minutes

SEPTEMBER 16, 2020

Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, a regular meeting of the Wahpeton Park Board was held on Wednesday, September 16, 2020 at 5:15 pm at the Community Center in Wahpeton, North Dakota.

Commissioners present: Joe Schreiner, Art Grochow, Tyler Gripentrog, Roger Jensen.

Staff present: Wayne Beyer, Director of Parks and Recreation, Brad Edwardson, Kathy Diekman, Zoo Director Connie Metcalf, Park Board Clerk.

Meeting was called to order by Park Board President Joe Schreiner.

Citizen’s Request: Anthony Badgley would like to paint the sign at the entrance of the park on 2nd St. this would be for his Eagle Scout Award.

Art Grochow motioned to approve sign project and material expense for Anthony Bagley’s Eagle Scout Project, seconded by Tyler Gripentrog.
Motion Carried. 4-0.

Approval of Minutes: Motion by Roger Jenson to approve regular meeting minutes on August 19, 2020, seconded by Art Grochow. Motion Carried 4-0.

Tyler Gripentrog motioned to approve the minutes of special meeting on September 2, 2020, seconded by Roger Jenson. Motion Carried. 4-0.

Reports from Officers

Park Superintendent: Brad reported that they need to haul in more pea-rock to mini parks.
Installed touch free light switches at kidder restrooms and showers.
Pool and lines are drained, a lot of misc task yet to do. John Randall Field work continues.
Removed fountain from the pond. Starting to get a little weak.
Identified a lot of trees that need to be removed this winter.

Recreation Supervisor: Woman’s Fall League started Sept 14th.
Coed Volleyball started Sept 16th.
Fall football and soccer has been postponed until spring
Girls Basketball starts September 28 – November 5 – grades 1-6.
Open Gym will start October 4th at the WCC.

Zoo Director: Zoo Friend Picnic is September 21 from 5-7 – Hughes Shelter.
Zoo attendance was up this year. A lot more MN residents came to visit the zoo.
Zoo Boo will be October 30th, 5-7 pm charging $5 for everyone at the gate this year.
Ole & Lena’s Pizza with FCCU are sponsoring a fund raiser on October 17. Pizza sales in the parking lot. $10/each.
CZ staff will present a Halloween parade to the assisted living and nursing homes on October 26th starting
with Siena Court at 2 PM.
Zoo closes on Friday, October 23 for regular hours.
Year End Giving Campaign starts in November.

Director: Laree’s position was offered to an employee of Grafton Parks & Rec. Wayne will hear Monday, September 21st
if he accepts the position.

Art Grochow motioned to offer $48,000 for new position, seconded by Tyler Gripentrog. Motion Carried. 4-0.

RRASC cancelled its Hunter’s Smoker due to COVID19 concerns. A gun raffle fundraiser will be held instead.
Jim Sturdevant donated $3264 from Little Unny’s Firework’s stand to go for grades 5-6 tackle football program.
Wahpeton Public Schools will not be allowing use of any non-school groups.

Robert Schuler representing the Breckenridge Recreation Center asked for a representative.

Art Grochow motioned to appoint Tyler Gripentrog to be the representative, seconded by Roger Jenson.
Motion Carried. 4-0.

Reports from Commissioners and Committees:

Recreation – Mike McCall – Schools are not being allowed to use gyms indefinitely.

Head of the Red Youth – no meeting

Maintenance – Board will go on bus tour of Kidder Recreation, Softball Building, and Gagelin Shelter after the Park Board meeting.

Personnel/Finance – Recreation Director position / Approve 2021 Park Board Budget.
Art Grochow motioned to approve 2021 Park Board Budget, seconded by Tyler Gripentrog. Motion Carried. 4-0.

Pool: no meeting

Tyler Gripentrog motioned to approve committee reports, seconded by Roger Jenson. Motion Carried. 4-0.

Scheduled Committee meetings:
1. Recreation Committee – Thursday, October 8th at WCC – noon.
2. Maintenance Committee – Tuesday, October 13th at Airport Park – noon.
3. Personnel/Finance/Planning Committee – Wednesday, September 30thst at WCC – noon.

Commissioner’s requests:

Financial Reports:

A. Park Board Clerk’s report.
B. Parks & Recreation Department.
1. Fund Balances (as of 6-30-2020).
a. Arts Council: $6277.13 Bremer Bank Checking
b. Healthy Communities: $6937.95/ Bremer Bank Checking.
c. Parks & Recreation: $332,016.99 / Bank of the West Checking.
d. Red River Area Sportsman’s Club: $44,252.86 /Bank of the West Checking.
e. Special Olympics: $1585.14 / Bank of the West Checking

Roger Jenson motioned to approve committee reports, seconded by Tyler Gripentrog. Motion carried. 4-0.

Art Grochow motioned to approve financial reports, seconded by Tyler Gripentrog. Motion Carried 4-0

Unfinished/New Business: (100% approval)

Date of next meeting: Wednesday, October 21, 2020 – 5:15 Wahpeton Community Center.

Went on bus tour:

Kidder Recreation – Looked at 3 different spots for a boat wash. Two were not good and two were good places.
Wayne would like to see a walk trail by kidder recreation area. People love to look at the Tree Farm.

Gagelin Shelter – Discussed different ways to add a family restroom and a handicap accessible entrance. Add on to back of shelter.
Softball Building – Roger Jenson showed the board what has been finished and what is going to be done. Informed them what the building
will look like when finished with siding and ticket area. Football handout will be easier in the fall.

John Randall Field – Joe Schreiner showed the board all the work that has been done. Lighting, new canopy, seats, dugouts, press box on top. Handicap accessible ramp, concession building. Going to be so nice when complete.

Art Grochow motioned to adjourn, seconded by Tyler Gripentrog. Motion Carried. 4-0.