Park Board Minutes

April 15, 2020

Meeting was on-Line/Zoom

Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, a regular meeting of the Wahpeton Park Board was held on Wednesday, April 15, 2020 at 5:15 pm at the Community Center in Wahpeton, North Dakota.

Commissioners present: Wayne Gripentrog, Art Grochow, Joe Schreiner, Deb Tobias, and Devry Klocke.

Staff present: Wayne Beyer, Director of Parks and Recreation; Brad Edwardson, Park Superintendent; Laree Bumgarner, Recreation Supervisor,  Kathy Diekman, Zoo Director;  Michelle Mostoller, Pool Manager and Connie Metcalf, Park Board Clerk.

Meeting was called to order by Park Board President Wayne Gripentrog.

Motion by Art Grochow and seconded by Joe Schreiner to approve minutes of the regular meeting on March 18, 2020. Motion carried 4-0.

Direct Beyer explained New Batting Cages at the Airport Park with quotes below:

Batting Cage netting: $885.00 for each net (will fit framework, but does not come with doorway opening).

Batting Cage Frame: $3595.00 for each frame.

Shipping and handling would be free if we order the framework, netting for the airport, and the two nets for JR field all at once.

If that does not work out, shipping for the two nets at JF Field will be $250. We would check on the shipping for the airport project if/when approved.

Joe Schreiner made a motion to accept bids, seconded by Art Grochow, Motion Carried. 4-0.

Devry came into meeting.

Park Superintendent gave info on filter sand replacement and filter manifold inspection- 368 50 # bags X $12.50 + $800 to $1,000 freight + $5550.

Joe may find someone to go get from Bismarck at a cheaper price other than $1000.

Devry made a motion to get filter sand and freight, seconded by Joe Schreiner. Motion Carried. 5-0.

Reports from Officers

 Park Superintendent:   

  • Lots of tree trimming right now. Looking nice at the parks.
  • Signs up for Parks for COVID-19 risks. .
  • Getting fields ready for play.
  • All Shelters are getting a deep cleaning.
  • Still waiting for wax for the tile at Hughes Shelter.
  • Some of the summer help has started this week…
  • Applied blue dye to ponds.

 Recreation Supervisor:    

  • Waiting to hear about summer recreation activities.
  • Questioned on refunds/ discounts prorates for next year possibly.
  • .May have all registration on-line instead of a day at WCC.

Zoo Director:                  

  • Kathy communicates reports from Director about Governor mandates when Zoo can open.
  • Zoo depends on donations to run the daily operations.
  • Some duties need two people in close proximity due to safety. I.e. dangerous animal care and feeding.
  • Animals and staff remain healthy! No care or welfare. Was compromised during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • A PPP loan was successful.
  • Media commercials will focus on the need to operate even while closed and upcoming season.

 Pool Manager:

 Michelle questioned if new platforms for the guard chairs were ordered from Recreation Supply. Brad said not yet ordered.


  • ND Governor Burgem has shut down WCC and shelters until April 30th.
  • .Had to postpone a lot of activities and meetings.
  • Essential letters will be issued to staff members. Wayne, Beyer, Laree Bumgarner, Connie Metcalf, Brad Edwardson, Curt Holtz, Chad Affield, Kathy Diekman.

Art Grochow made a motion to issue letters to staff, seconded by Deb Tobias. Motion Carried. 5-0.

The Park Board will not offer Fireworks Display for 2020. No letters will be sent out due to businesses will be stressed.  If anybody wants to donate we would welcome any donations or if don’t get enough we can carry over to 2021.  $6500 is what is needed for the fireworks display.

Board questioned when Cory Unruh would need the order in?

Art Grochow motioned to not send Fireworks Letters out but if a big donation would come in we could accept it, seconded by Devry Klocke.  Motion Carried. 5-0.

Policy Manual proposal that we need to follow Federal Regulations using sick leave.

Motion by Joe Schreiner to accept the Policy Manual, seconded by Devry Klocke. Motion Carried. 5-0

  • Daily News would be our official newspaper.

Devry Klocke motioned to accept the Daily News as the official newspaper, seconded by Deb Tobias. Motion Carried. 5-0.

  • Playground signs recommended with the CDC rules. All agreed that public should not be on equipment.
  • One of the strategic plans was to get Gagelin Restrooms improvements done. Brad said can be done in-house.
  • Wayne will keep putting Park Board Highlights on the website.
  • Bridgestone Tire donated $1000 for a Special Olympics bowling tournament when allowed.
  • $3000 grant application was submitted to the ND Game & Fish Department for fall hunts.
  • Garden Plot rentals are being accepted.

Reports from Commissioners and Committees:

Recreation – meeting cancelled.

Head of the Red Youth – Art Grochow reported Comstock is working on then north wall.

Maintenance – Talked about JRF and swim pool.

Personnel/Finance/Planning –   Batting Cages

Swim Pool Committee: – Filter sand

Approve Committee reports.    

Deb Tobias made a motion to approve reports, seconded by Joe Schreiner. Motion Carried. 5-0.

Scheduled Committee meetings:

  1. Recreation Committee – Thursday, May 14th at WCC – noon.
  2. Maintenance Committee – Tuesday, May 12th at Chalet– noon.
  3. Personnel/Finance/Planning Committee – Wednesday, April 29th at WCC – 8:30 AM.
  4. Pool Committee Meeting – TBA.

Commissioner’s requests – TLP might be able to go and pickup Filters in Bismarck per Joe Schreiner.

Financial Reports:

  1. Park Board Clerk’s report.
  2. Balance:
  3. Parks & Recreation Department,
  4. Fund Balances (as of 03-31-20).
  5. Arts Council: $7988.18 / Bremer Bank checking.
  6. Healthy Communities: $6937.95 / Bremer Bank checking.
  7. ND Babe Ruth Baseball: $17,701.04 / Wells Fargo Bank / checking.
  8. Parks & Recreation: $293,286.86 / Bank of the West checking.
  9. Red River Area Sportsmen’s Club – $46,829.55 / Bank of the West checking
  10. Special Olympics: $562.11 – Bank of the West / checking.

Joe Schreiner motioned to approve financial reports, seconded by Deb Tobias. Motion Carried 5-0.

Deb Tobias motioned to approve Park Board bills, seconded by Joe Schreiner. Motion carried 5-0.

Unfinished/New Business:  (100 % approval required for vote consideration): none.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday, May 20th, 2020 – 5:15 Wahpeton Community Center.

Adjournment.  Joe Schreiner motioned to adjourn, seconded by Deb Tobias. Motion carried 5-0.