Park Board Minutes

September 15, 2021

Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, a regular meeting of the Wahpeton Park Board was held on Wednesday, September 15, 2021 at 5:15 pm at the Community Center in Wahpeton, North Dakota.

Commissioners present: Joe Schreiner, Tyler Gripentrog, Roger Jensen, Brian Watson.

Staff present: Wayne Beyer, Director of Parks and Recreation, Curt Holtz, Park Worker 111, Keith Blattenbauer, Park & Recreation Supervisor, Connie Metcalf, Park Board Clerk.

Meeting was called to order by Park Board President Joe Schreiner.

Citizen’s Request:

Park Board Budget

Recreation Center Q & A – Zack Hatting, Amanda Fisher and Darcie Huwe.
Commissioners asked a lot of questions about the number to pay for the rec center?
What will the taxes be on residential homes?
Can the Senior Citizens Center can handle the cost?
Special Assessments?
Who pays if a shortfall happens?
A lot depends on the voters on October 26th. Different plans to use for funding Darcie said.
After the vote City of Wahpeton and Wahpeton Park Board will decide on the future of the Community Center.

Open house/Informational meeting will be held at the Wahpeton Community Center on September 30th 4-8 pm.

Approval of Minutes: Roger Jensen motioned to approve August 18, 2021 minutes, seconded by Tyler Gripentrog. Motion Carried. 4-0.

Reports from Officers

Park Superintendent:

Zach Hatting from Interstate Engineering gave an update on the road construction going on in park.
Next week the curb and gutters will be worked on. May take 2 ½ weeks to complete.
Recommended that park don’t plant any trees in the Islands. Extreme cracking from the extreme drought this
year has happened.

Curt reported that they are down to one mower due to repairs.
Heitkamp Construction poured concrete pads for the ANS remediation site and the sidewalk to Sannes bench also.
They will begin on the tent camping sites the week of 9/13.

Softball diamond 1 was sprayed with broadleaf herbicide to prepare for re-planting.
Fountain pond overload continue to be worked on.
Pool systems are drained, Schmitty’s will be working on the showers.

Recreation Director:

Flag and Tackle football programs are going well.
Adult Coed and Women’s volleyball leagues have started.
Keith checked out Archive Social. They help with legal aspects of social media. Wondering if board would be interested in this service?

Zoo Director:

September 20th is the deadline for AZA concern responses from inspection.
Zoo Friends Picnic is September 29th at Hughes Shelter 5-7 pm.
MAZA Conference is September 21-22 in Brainerd.
CZA Regular meeting will be held Monday, September 20th.


Police Department will be helping conduct background checks.
Dakota Territory Gun Collection donated $100 to youth hunts.
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation donated $1500 to youth hunts.
Anne O’Dell donated $360 for three Honey Crisp Apple trees in memory of Ralph Erdich.
Modern Woodmen donated $560 for birch and arborvitae trees.
Mary and Jeff Hanz donated $3000 towards Ralph Erdrich living memorial trees.
ND council on the Arts grant requests were submitted for the prairie rose sculpture ($8000) and 8th Ave North
animal-themed sculptures ($12,500).
Rotary “Fill the Double Decker Bus” for the Food Pantry. Wahpeton Econo foods on Sept 30th and
Breck Econo on October 6th.
Jim Sturdevant Football Field dedication at the park is planned on Tuesday, October 19th.

Reports from Commissioners and Committees:

Recreation – Brian and Wayne communications for the school use /fees.

Head of the Red Youth – Putting ice in. Raised the wages for part-time to $13/hour.

Maintenance – Roger said just trying to keep ahead of construction in park. Going to pour cement for park shop next week.

Personnel/Finance/Planning – Tyler Gripentrog motioned to approve the 2022 budget, seconded by Brian Watson. Motion Carried. 4-0.

Approve committee reports – Tyler Gripentrog motioned to approve committee reports, seconded by Roger Jensen. Motion Carried. 4-0.

Scheduled Committee meetings:

1. Recreation Committee – Thursday, October 14th at WCC – noon.
2. Maintenance Committee – Tuesday, October 12th at Park shop – noon.
3. Personnel/Finance/Planning Committee – Tuesday, September 28thh at WCC – 12:15.

Commissioner’s requests: Roger Jensen asked for Kyle to apply for a ND DOT special roads grant. (roads, park, historical)

Financial Reports:

A. Park Board Clerk’s report.

B. Parks & Recreation Department.

1. Fund Balances (as of 8/30-2021).

a. Arts Council: $6555.14 / Bremer Bank Checking.
b. Parks & Recreation: $338,548.56 / Bank of the West Checking.
c. Parks & Rec Foundation: $5802.63 / Edward Jones.
d. Red River Area Sportsman’s Club: $37,132.83/ Bank of the West Checking.
e. Special Olympics: $8486.36 / Bank of the West Checking.

Roger Jenson motioned to approve financial reports and payment of Park Board bills, seconded by Brian Watson. Motion Carried 4-0.

Unfinished/New Business:

(100% approval for vote consideration).
Concession stand: Baseball committee owes the Park Board $43,000 for shortage.

Baseball committee asked if park board would pay $ 4,000 for the electrical. Schmitty’s will donate sewer, water and slab expense.

Tyler Gripentrog motioned to approve the pending approval of the Baseball Committee on the concession stand, seconded by Brian Watson. Motion Carried. 4-0

With PB paying the electrical of 4000.00.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday, October 20, 2021– 5:15 Wahpeton Community Center.

Adjournment. Tyler Gripentrog made motion to adjourn, seconded by Roger Jenson. Motion Carried. 4-0.