Park Board Minutes



 May 15, 2019



Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, a regular meeting of the Wahpeton Park Board was held on Wednesday, May 15, 2019 at 5:15 pm at the Community Center in Wahpeton, North Dakota.


Commissioners present: Wayne Gripentrog, Deb Tobias, Devry Klocke, Art Grochow.


Staff present: Wayne Beyer, Director of Parks and Recreation, Brad Edwardson, Park Superintendent, Laree Baumgarner, Recreation Supervisor, Kathy Diekman, Zoo Director, Connie Metcalf, Park Board Clerk.


Meeting was called to order by Wayne Gripentrog.


Motion by Devry Klocke seconded by Deb Tobias to approve April 17, 2019 minutes.  Motion carried 4-0.


Citizen’s Request:    none


Reports from Officers



Park Superintendent:   Gardens have been plowed and tilled. Just waiting to be marked by Jeff when gets dry.

Still looking for someone to do flowers in the park.

Everything has been mowed and trimmed at least once except for North Kidder.

All shelters and restrooms are now open.

Baseball and softball concessions are up and runn

All broken split rail fences are replaced.

Main pool is drained, Need to start water heaters.

Installed culvert and spread gravel for walk path at Dog Park.

Repaired barrier around fish cleaning station.

Received three loads of agrilime and placed in the bunkers at various fields.

Summer positions are all filled except for gardener.

Working on a Safety Manual for training. Identified 22 safety topics that should be part of our training.


Recreation Supervisor:   There were 145 kids at Twin Town Track on May 14th –the day went very well.

Cal Ripken will have 10U, 11U, 12U teams. Kaste, Jones, Bohn will be the coaches for each.

Babe Ruth-

13’s have 17 signed up Coach is Tom Thielen.  East Divisional League

14’s 11 signed up coach is Chris Kappes.          East Divisional League

15’s 5 signed up – Playing B Legion – Will Uhlich.

Legion – Coached by Kelly McNary.


Tournament in Wahpeton:

Legion Invitational – June 21-23rd

14’s ND Babe Ruth State – July 17-20th.


Fastpitch Softball:  14U – Coached by Rich Mostoller

16/18 Under – Coached Cortney Mann/Michelle Mostoller


Men’s softball started May 6th. Coed will start June4th.


Horseshoe League starts Thursday nights – May 16th – 7 teams


Summer Programs: Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Tennis and Play Park start June3 –July 19th.


 Coaches – Coaches meeting/clinic is May 29th.

Baseball Supervisor – Toviao Hopkins

Twin Town Softball Supervisor – Mary Beth Peterson

Soccer Supervisor – Cortney Mann

Tennis Supervisor – Amanda Lunsetter

Play Park Supervisor – Angela Cordell



Laree will stop at Jawaski’s to have a WPR sign for the 2019 Ram Pickup.



Zoo Director:                     Blue Goose Day advertising has been planned and will go through the Blue Goose Committee.

USFWS theme for Blue Goose Days is “For the Love of Ducks”.

CZ has partnered with Richland County Health Dept for Sun Safety.

Zoo Director is on seven radio broadcasts each week.

Maggie’s Gift Shop is open Daily for food and souvenirs.

The new honey badgers were acquired from Tangayika Wildlife Park and are a huge hit with

the public.

The Bike Rental program start date has changed to Saturday, May 18.

Waiting on a Safety waiver for the bikes. 5 bikes –helmets paid for by the Kiwanis Club.

The CZA is seeking information on getting a liquor license for zoo fund raising events. Will keep Parks

and Recreation Director updated for approval. Zoo is checking on Liability Insurance. Will get more info

and bring back to next Park Board meeting in June.

Senior Walk is August 8 at 12:30.

August 13th is Tal’s 4th annual Classic Concert with the NY Kammermusiker Ensemble.

ND Tourism Department will be in Wahpeton on July 19 to film the Zoo.

Zoo will no longer take any long term campers!



Director:                              ND Forest Service grant application included $2000 for the WCC trees and $10,000 for Highway 13 West/

railroad trees.

ND Game & Fish Department approved a $2,000 grant for youth hunts this fall.

ND Public Instruction approved Wahpeton Park Board as Summer Food Program agency. Five sites are offered –                    

WCC, St. John’s School, Zimmerman Elementary, Playpark/Langendorfer Shelter and Leach Library.

Highway 13 West tree planting was postponed from Wednesday May 1st to Wednesday, May 29th due to wet grounds.

Director will be on family vacation from Wednesday, June 19th – Saturday, July 6th.

Arts Midwest grant application was submitted for talented musician Todd Green in March, 2020.

Cargill volunteers mulched 141 trees and volunteered at the zoo on Tuesday, May 7th.

Kroshus and Krew kicks off “Music in the Park” at the Band Shelter Wednesday, June 5th.


Special Olympics Bowling Tourney was held for 40 athletics, Thursday, May 2nd. Bridgestone Tire donated $1000.

There is no Women’s Softball League.

Special Olympics State Summer Games are scheduled in Fargo on June 6-7-8.


The John Randall Baseball Field be bid out Jan-Feb 2020 with construction to start June-July 2020 per Damon Devillers,

Interstate Engineering.


Devry Klocke motioned to continue with parking lot construction, seconded by Art Grochow. Motion Carried. 4-0.



Reports from Commissioners and Committees:


Recreation –                         no meeting


Head of the Red Youth:

Art said they have loan/lease agreement questions.

North wall needs some work. Work goes through Hockey Association.


Maintenance:                 Deb said they met at the Keeble Shelter. Brad Edwardson said shop and some of the buildings need new roofs

put on. Tin roofs last longer compared to shingles.

Brad suggested that we move the rocks closer to the road at Kidder. Less trimming to be done.


The dog water is still sitting in Schmitty’s shop since last fall.  Wayne talked to Dean Bellmore to see if  John had

asked him about trenching in water. He would like Park Board to find someone else to do it. He has a very busy schedule.

Brad will talk to Nordick Electric to see if they can trench it in.


Art said that Wayne and Brad need to get bids for staining of shelters. Deb Tobias said they are very unique buildings and

not just anybody can do this job. Art said we can hire a few people and they don’t need to be professionals.  Wayne and

Brad are to get 2 bids for this job and bring to the next meeting.




Personnel/Finance/Planning – Board discussed Park Worker III salary. $33,000 – $38,000 base salary. $35,000 recommendation

for Curt Holtz’s salary.

Brad told the board that Curt is very valuable to him and and the park. Has helped him adjust to his

new position.


Art Grochow motioned to pay Curt $36,000 salary, seconded by Devry Klocke. Motion Carried. 3-1.

Voting Yes – Gripentrog, Klocke, Grochow. Voting nay was Tobias.


Discussed Conflict of Interest policy making sure we get correct signatures from Park Board and Staff.


Pool Committee:                      Brad met with Matt Dockter from Comstock Construction. He said they will start getting Zip Line and Climbing Wall in next



Approve committee reports – Deb Tobias motioned to approve the committee reports, seconded by Art Grochow. Motion

Carried. 4-0


Scheduled Committee Meetings:


  1. Recreation Committee – Thursday, June 13th – at WCC – noon.
  2. Maintenance Committee – Wednesday, June 11th at Park Chapel – noon.
  3. Personnel/Finance/Planning Committee – Friday, May 31st at WCC -8:30 AM.
  4. Pool Committee Meeting –


Commissioners Request:  None


Financial Reports:

  1. Park Board Clerk’s Report.
  2. Approve preliminary budget.


Art Grochow made a motion to approve Preliminary Budget, seconded by Deb Tobias. Motion Carried. 4-0


  1. Parks & Recreation Department.
  2. Fund Balances (as of: 4-30-2019).
  3. Arts Council: $14,723.84 / Bremer Bank checking.
  4. Healthy Communities: $37,329.26 / Bremer Bank checking.
  5. ND Babe Ruth Baseball: $16,004.99 / Wells Fargo checking.
  6. Parks & recreation: $254,521.09 / Bank of the West checking.
  7. Red River Area Sportsmen’s Club – $29,183.91 / Bank of the West checking.
  8. Special Olympics: $3516.44 – Bank of the West checking.
  9. Tri- State Safety Association: $7568.46 / Bremer Bank checking.


C . Approve financial reports and payment of Park Board bills.


Devry  Klocke made a motion to approve financial reports, seconded by Deb Tobias. Motion Carried.  4-0.


Deb Tobias motioned to approve payment of Park Board bills, seconded by Devry Klocke. Motion Carried. 4-0


Unfinished/New Business: 100% approval required for vote consideration) none


Date of next meeting: Wednesday, June 19, 2019 – 5:15 PM Wahpeton Community Center.