Park Board Minutes

December 18, 2019


Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, a regular meeting of the Wahpeton Park Board was held on Wednesday,  November 18, 2019 at 5:15 pm at the Community Center in Wahpeton, North Dakota.

Commissioners present: Wayne Gripentrog, Art Grochow, Devry Klocke, Deb Tobias. Commissioners absent: Joe Schreiner.

Staff present: Wayne Beyer, Director of Park and Recreation; Brad Edwardson, Park Superintendent and Connie Metcalf, Park Board Clerk.

Meeting was called to order by President Wayne Gripentrog.

Citizen’s Request:

  • Damon Devillers and Zach Hatting /Interstate Engineering- park road/parking lot and sanitary sewer plans.
  • Damon said they should know about RJ Hughes Road grant money project in 2020. Looking very good that Wahpeton will receive it. The project is going to be in five phases starting with starting at 16th Ave N. – Wahpeton Parks. It should be complete in fall of 2020. The Park will always have one open entrance at all times during this construction. Laura Hughes drive will get a seal coat.
  • If the Park Board would like to update signs now would be the time to do it- also any Zoo signs. Let Damon or Zach know in January of any upgrades.
  • Contractors would be staged on diamond 1 for the entire construction. Any extra dirt could go to park but they have to let engineers know. The park would have many uses for this dirt. Would get rid of lift station by concessions stand and tie it in to other lines. The new construction would let fresh water go into the ponds. This would take care of the algae on the ponds.


Mayor Dale discussed a 5-10 year Capital Improvements Projects (CIP).  The city needs to keep up on future growth.

Possibly a new pool in future was one recommendation.

Discussed having the License Bureau office at the WCC. Would like to help them find a spot. They would pay rental

and need it two Thursdays a month from 9-4. Hughes shelter possibly an option.  Optimist would be too small.

Motion by Devry Klocke to approve minutes of November 20, 2019 meeting, seconded by Deb Tobias.  Motion Carried 4-0.


Reports from Officers


 Park Superintendent:

–       Airport Park had vandalism on the door on concession stand. Door jam needs to be repaired.

–       Dog park has the paths all cleaned out.

–       Neighborhood Park has the snow cleaned out for the bus stop.

–      Kidder all cleaned out. Need to cut down a few trees.

–       Chahinkapa Park hockey rink has been flooded 5 times but still needs an inch of ice.

–       Exterior lights have been replaced on Hughes Shelter.

–       Snow removal going well – All paths are open.

–       Dirt piles removed from John Randal Field.

–       2 of 3 trash can holders have been built and installed along levee walk path.

–       Pickup plow has hydraulic cylinder that will need to be replaced.

–       Pickup plow has wiring harness that will be replaced.

–       Snowmobile and groomer are ready to go for ski trails, will start the week of 12/15.


Recreation Supervisor:

  • Adult Women’s/Coed Volleyball Leagues play starts January 6th.
  • Men’s Basketball started Dec. 4th. 7 teams using Breck Elementary School.
  • Boys Youth Basketball ended Dec. 16th.
  • 25 teams for Kiwanis Little Guy- Dec. 15th.
  • Traveling Basketball started- Girls grades 3-7th. Boys 3 – 6th.
  • Dances: Dec. 13th and Jan 10th at WCC.
  • Elks Hoop Shoot. District Shoot – Was held Dec 7th at WHS – 34 youth participated from 9 area schools.


Ages 8-9: Tony Berndt – Breck, Ava Jaehning – St. Mary’s.

Ages: 10-11: Crosby Anderson- Wahp, Piper Jaehning – St Mary’s.

Ages 12-13: Travis Peterson –Fairmount, Johnica Bernotas – St. Mary’s.

  • Warming House open December 14th
  • Open Gym extra hours during Christmas Holiday- Dec 21-Jan 1st. Closed December 24th & 25th.


Zoo Director:  

  • Save the Earth Tree Event was attended by 75-80 people.
  • Year End Giving donations continue through the season.
  • Membership fees were approved at November meeting
  • Campground fees were raised to the following:

Cabin: $45

Tent: $20 – no electric  $25 with electric

RV: $30 – no reservation $ 35 – with reservation

  • Kathy met with Wayne Beyer, Chris DeVries, Roger Jensen, Perry Miller regarding ND MIN Street grant.
  • 190 people enjoyed free carousel rides November 30. Thank you Farmer’s Union Insurance and Lies, Bullis and Hatting Law for sponsoring.
  • Director will spend much time on AZA Application January & February. Senior Staff will assist in their departments.
  • Clean Up day April 18, 2020.
  • Zoo opens April 25.
  • KFGO in studio visits continue one time monthly through the winter.
  • KBMW visits each Thursday will continue.



  • Wahpeton Literary Club donated $250 to the Sculpture Park.
  • Special Olympics donations were received from Econo Foods-$50 and Rotary Club – $500.
  • Jeanne Miranowski has retired as Swim Pool Manager.
  • $2401 and $4802 ND Council on the Arts grant applications were submitted for Art4Life program.
  • Permit application was submitted with Corps of Engineers for Kidder Rec Area fishing pier shoreline rip-rap.
  • Grants were received from the ND Wildlife Federation, including $1000 for Women’s Pheasant Hunt and $2300 for Youth Waterfowl and Pheasant Hunts.
  • Ottertail Power Company donated $500 to the Kidder Recreation Area campground.
  • Nadine Julson Accounting is auditing Park Board financial records.
  • NDSCS Civil engineering students volunteered to install multipurpose court boards.
  • Sports court tiles are being advertised for free.
  • Happy Birthday to Chad Affield who turned 50 on December 9th.
  • Everybody needs to turn in top ten proposed capital improvement ideas.



Strategic Planning

* Recreation Center with Indoor Playground

*Parking Hard Surfaces

*Gagelin Shelter Restrooms & Band shelter Accessibility Shell

*Airport Park Baseball Improvements-Bullpens-Dugouts-Irrigation-Scoreboard-Grandstand

*Airport Park Shelter & Multipurpose Court

*Indoor Tennis Facility

*Maintenance Building

*Trail System Growth & Lighting

*Bois de Sioux Greenway-Fruit Trees, Trails & river Access

*Swim Pool Splash Pad           


Reports from Commissioners and Committees:


Recreation Committee:   


Head of the Red Youth: Parking lot at Sterns maybe fixed with crushed asphalt.

Talked to Cole from Mandan Recreation – they used a sales tax.

Stern Area main purpose to be an Ice Arena – per Stern Family contract.

Ice edger was donated to the park.

Wall at Sterns remodel – they would like to borrow $50,000.


Maintenance Committee: Questions on Pool Cover that we have paid for and not received yet.

Need a snow bucket for the skid -$1500. It would cut down on time.



  • WCC rates turned over to Finance Committee.
  • Wayne Gripentrog and Devry Klocke seats up for re-election. Devry said he would not be running again.
  • Discussed medical Insurance – $14,000 difference between single and family plan.
  • Questions on paying for Zoo insurance vehicles.


Swim Pool Committee:  


Approve committee reports – Deb Tobias made a motion to approve reports, seconded by Art Grochow.

Motion carried 4-0.


Scheduled Committee meetings:

  1. Recreation Committee – Thursday, January 9th at WCC – noon.
  2. Maintenance Committee – Tuesday, January 14th at Nature Center – noon.
  3. Personnel/Finance/Planning Committee – December 20th at WCC – 8:30 am
  4. Pool Committee Meeting –


Commissioner’s requests:  none


Financial Reports:

  1. Park Board Clerk’s report.
  2. Parks & Recreation Department.
  3. Fund Balances (as of 11-30-19).
  4. Arts Council: $8610.45/ Bremer Bank Checking
  5. Healthy Communities: $31,680.94/ Bremer Bank Checking.
  6. ND Babe Ruth Baseball: $16,026.08/Wells Fargo Checking.
  7. Parks & Recreation: $282, 789, .96/ Bank of the West Checking.
  8.   Red River Area Sportsman’s Club: $54,306.26/Bank of the West Checking.
  9.    Special Olympics: $100.31 / Bank of the West Checking
  10.      Tri-State Safety Association: $972.67 Bremer Bank Checking.


Approve financial reports and payment of Park Board Bills.


Art Grochow motioned to approve financial reports, seconded by Deb Tobias. Motion carried 4-0.


Deb Tobias motioned to approve payment of Park Board bills, seconded by Devry Klocke.   Motion carried 4-0.


Devry Klocke motioned to close account at FCCU and transfer to BOW main account, seconded by Art Grochow. Motion Carried. 4-0


Art Grochow motioned to raise the rates for WCC by 29%, seconded by Devry Klocke. Motion Carried. 4-0


Unfinished/New Business:  none.


Date of next meeting: Wednesday, January 15, 2020 – 5:15 Wahpeton Community Center.