Park Board Minutes

October 23, 2019

Pursuant to due call and notice thereof, a regular meeting of the Wahpeton Park Board was held on Wednesday, October 23, 2019 at 5:15 pm at the Community Center in Wahpeton, North Dakota.

Commissioners present: Wayne Gripentrog, Joe Schreiner, Art Grochow.

Staff present: Wayne Beyer, Director of Parks and Recreation, Brad Edwardson, Park Superintendent, Kathy Diekman, Zoo Director, Laree Bumgarner, Recreation Supervisor and Connie Metcalf, Park Board Clerk.

Meeting was called to order by Wayne Gripentrog.

Motion by Joe Schreiner, seconded by Art Grochow to approve September 18, 2019 minutes. Motion carried 3-0.

Citizen’s Request:    none

Reports from Officers

Park Superintendent:  Cleaned up the Airport Park., Neighborhood Parks. Septic tanks at the comfort station and fish cleaning station were pumped out.

Comfort station will be winterized at the end of October.

Optimist, Langendorfer and the shop were painted. Pool was winterized.

Brad has all the blueprints. He said some changes are on them.

JRF project is behind schedule, trying to get concrete work done this fall.

Nordick has done as far as they can go as of 10/23/19.

One sprinkler head was broken at JRF due to construction.

Commissioner Gripentrog said he would like to see batting cages & a bullpen at the airport


High school volunteers painted back fence of right field on JRF.

Volunteers painted multipurpose court floor, 36 picnic tables, 3 bleaches, removed the railing

from Chalet.

Optimist and Hughes Shelter were both deep cleaned and inventory taken.

Unheated restrooms and irrigation was drained.

Gators and mowers/snow blowers has been serviced.


Recreation Supervisor:    Volleyball leagues are going well.  Fall Soccer and Youth football are ending. Girls

Basketball program

Runs September 23- October 31st. Kiwanis Little Miss Tournament for 3-6 is November 2.

Middle School Dance October 4th – Relay For Life.

Open Gym Started Sunday, October 6th. Work Study Student working this.

Men’s Basketball meeting via email. Emails have been sent out to last year’s teams.

Meeting Nov 6th if necessary.


Zoo Director:                   Zoo Boo is October 30 5:30-7:30 pm.

Wild Game Show is Friday, November 22, 5:30-11:30 pm.

Prometheus MC donated $6,000 on Sunday, October 20.

Behind the Scenes tours earned over $8,000  in revenue. (this does not include donated


Animal areas are prepared for wintering.

Tiger den oldest and in need of repair.      Two full time were hired: Payton Carter (educator) and Rory Schreadley (keeper).

Strategic Plan will be submitted to director in November.

CZA approved 2% increase for salaries 2020.

Two Wahpeton HS classes helped with grounds keeping on October 9.

New Membership Prices were approved at the CZA October meeting.

Palm Oil Education efforts are constantly being updated/improved.

Please keep Jim Oliver in our prayers.


Director:                        Trail bench sponsors include (1) Airport Park/ 6th St S – Rotary Club, (2) Airport Park/Center

St-Smith Motors, (3) Stern Arena – Dan Wieczorek Family and (4) Bois De Sioux River

levee trail- Berndt Family

                                       $4490 ND Humanities grant application was submitted for Todd Green concerts in March

Damon Devillers/Interstate Engineering submitted $685,215 Park road grant.

City of Wahpeton approved a $5000 grant for the Sculpture Park.

$1822.77 Garrison Diversion tent campground grant was submitted.

Lowell Kolbe family donated $1000 for a Chahinkapa Park Memorial.

Deer population is eating the garden produce down at the River Gardens.

Wahpeton was awarded the Cal Ripken 12 State Tournament in 2020.

Need to make a Fundraising Booklet.

Strategic Planning for Airport, need annual action plan for 2020.

Trap Club trailer – buy the trailer-WPB pays insurance- club reimburses for all.

Art Grochow made a motion to approve buying the trailer for Trap Club. seconded by Joe
Schreiner. Motion Carried. 3-0.

Community Center ATM machine will be provided by Kirk Peterson. 50 cents for every

transaction we would make. Great to have here

For fundraisers–Zoo, Baseball Association, Ducks Unlimited, Sportsmens Club etc.

Commissioner Gripentrog questioned about any vandalism that would occur possibly?

Commissioner Grochow asked about bonding?

Discussion on Sterns Arena – Many questions asked about this.  Director had a meeting with

Simone Sandberg. She will summarize  the contract/info and bring to next Park Board meeting in November.


Reports from Commissioners and Committees:

Recreation – no report

Head of the Red Youth – Art Grochow reported fixing the north wall next Spring could cost $50,000. Not Park Board responsibility to fix the wall. Brian Rugland will come to a meeting if we call him.

Maintenance –          no report

Personnel Committee –   no report

Pool Committee – no report

Approve committee reports – Motion by Joe Schreiner to approve committee reports, seconded by Art Grochow.  Motion Carried.  3-0.

Scheduled Committee meetings:

  1. Recreation Committee – Thursday, November 14th – at WCC – noon.
  2. Maintenance Committee – Tuesday, November 12th at Park Shop at noon.
  3. Personnel/Finance/Planning Committee – Thursday, October 31st at WCC – 8:30 AM.
  4. Pool Committee Meeting –


Commissioners Request:  none

Art Grochow motioned to approve financial reports, seconded by Joe Schreiner. Motion Carried. 3-0.

Joe Schreiner motioned to approve payment of Park Board bills, seconded by Art Grochow. Motion Carried. 3-0

Unfinished/New Business:  none

Date of next meeting: Wednesday, November 20, 2019 – 5:15 Wahpeton Community Center.